More Than a JPEG: The Sushimi Roadmap

Ready to take flight?

We’ve been working on Sushimi for close to seven months. And we can attest that it’s already been a wild ride. One we plan to keep rolling, adding even more value for all those that jump on.

We like shiny new things as much as anyone else. But they’re so much better when there’s quality and purpose behind them. We’re not here to fluff things up and tell you we’ll take you to the moon or some may-never-see-the-light-of-day metaverse.

We’re focused and want this project to thrive sustainably, all the while expanding utility.

In other words, we put our money where our mouth is and are in the “under promise and over deliver” camp.

But before we reveal the exciting things we’ll be serving up, here’s a quick digest of the need-to-knows about us:

And that’s just the start! Let’s take a look at what’s ahead for Sushimi.

Step 1- Become an integral part of the Sushi ecosystem

First things first, a quick reminder: The Sushimi team will share 50% of the proceeds and royalties of its V1 launch with xSushi holders. A fair tribute to those who demonstrate their commitment to Sushi’s success and participate in governance.

But our goal is to go deeper.

We’re working on proposals to grant exclusive access and benefits to Sushimi holders. Here a few of the ideas we’re exploring:

  • Sushi governance power to Sushimi holders (Sushipowah)*
  • Privileged access to upcoming product Alphas and Betas
  • Reduced fees on the upcoming Shoyu platform*
  • Curation prerogatives on Shoyu and Miso, with lending options*.
  • Perks for future Sushi NFT drops
  • And more!

*those options would have to go through Sushi’s formalized governance process (forum proposal and successful snapshot vote).

Step 2- Expand the Sushimi Menu

Our initial drop, or launch omakase as we like to call it, will feature 5K Sushimis NFT and 440+ traits. But we have plenty of yummy ideas to elaborate on the concept:

  • V2 with new, exclusive Sushimi casts and traits
  • Holder-only merch store featuring exclusively high-quality items (no one needs more junk)
  • Collabs with OG Sushi-endorsed projects (SAK3)
  • Artist collabs and limited editions
  • And we’re not stopping there!

Step 3- Enable community-led initiatives via the Sushimi DAO

Sushimi was born out of Sushi’s community ethos, and we want to foster this go-getter spirit. That’s why we’re looking forward to working with the community to come up with the next big (or just fun) thing by setting up the Sushimi DAO, funded by us.

Sushimi holders will be invited to curate community-led projects and use their votes to help fund the most next-level ideas. Think Nouns but Sushi-themed!

This roadmap will likely evolve, but we’ll keep its buckets as a red thread in Sushimi’s development.

See you for the MISO Dutch auction on April 20, 9 am EST!



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